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Cinettica Fashion Festival Berlin

Oktober 28, 2023 @ 14:00 Oktober 29, 2023 @ 4:00

Cinettica Fashion Festival Berlin
Cinettica ist ein Mode-, Film-, Kunst- und Musikfestival, von Filmemacher und Musikproduzent Dfaniks in New York City gegründet.

Cinettica is a fashion, film, art and music festival rooted in New York City founded by filmmaker and music producer Dfaniks.

After 5 editions of the Festival in New York and Mexico City, featuring designers like Vanebon who’s amazing garments dress Bjork & Rosalia, Cinettica brings its concept to Berlin.

Emerging from the spirit of fashion Cinettica #6 will be featuring 7 runway shows by Selva, Marija Canji, Fade Out Label, AGUIRRRRE, Aurora Niñoderivera, Eh by Era, and Studio 58 organized by Vogue stylists Stephania and Liliana Burgos accompanied by musical performances of Matresanch, Jon Darc, Lucy Dye, Blue Alien and Mataya Waldenberg, amongst others.

NYC Skateboard brand Rock Star Bearings will bring a display of the talent of some world class skateboarders.

The intermissions are framed by fashion film showings, contemporary performance pieces by Lady BoyJon and Morphae, Itchi, Jane Roques-Ficher and Max Blax, an art exhibition featuring installations by Jonathan Apelbaum, Zu Kalinowska, Alejandro Spano and Selva and live DJ sets as well as an afterparty hosted by Das Techno Team create a fascinating trans genre event.

Shops enable designers and artists to present and sell their work to the audience and give you the possibility to take home a memory from this mind-blowing festival day.

€20.00 Eventbrite


Oktober 28, 2023
14:00 – 4:00
Wilhelminenhofstraße 76
Berlin, BE 12459 Germany
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