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Free Rave: 15 Years AKA AKA Live – Berlin

März 30 @ 22:00 März 31 @ 6:00

Free Rave: 15 Years AKA AKA powered by Sunshine Live Berlin.


AKA AKA Chris Exotiq Domenico Rondinelli Frau Kaufmann GEORGIA MAFIA Gutting Lucio G & Seccoboi Lukas dos Passos Merissa Mahilaa Pilar Jordan AKA Pilijo

15 years ago, it all began with a chance encounter in Berlin’s Hasenheide: Hannes and Holger, two Berlin-by-choice individuals, met at a legendary park party. Their shared passion for music quickly brought them together, and soon after, they began producing and releasing their first hits using secondhand studio equipment. Since then, they’ve mastered hundreds of shows, explored various musical paths, laughed a lot, and celebrated extensively. During this time, not only have Hannes and Holger evolved as a duo, but the surrounding music scene has also transformed. The ‚For Free and Outdoors‘ culture that was once so defining has changed, especially due to rising costs and inflation. Entry fees of 20-60€ have become the norm in Berlin. But now, AKA AKA is making a statement: With their rave at the Festsaal Kreuzberg, they are opening the doors for everyone – entirely free of charge. At the heart of this event is the community spirit, shaped by love and respect. Besides the main floor, where AKA AKA will be setting the mood all night long, there will also be a second floor. Here, newcomers will have the opportunity to showcase their talent. We invite you to be part of this special night, where we will celebrate the essence of Berlin’s club culture together. You will receive the password for free access to the event through the newsletter via the homepage. NO to Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism, Racism, Violence, and any Abuse! YES to Love, Respect, Unity, Inclusivity, and Dancing in Harmony! With friendly support by Sunshine Live, Yfood, Jägermeister and Gold Palais Hotel Berlin.

€1.00 kosenlos