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ORATIS Conscious Dating & Play Night

Juli 21, 2023 @ 18:00 23:30

A sober, mindful sexy dating party in a deeper and ritualistic way with cacao ceremony and conscious dating games.


💖 ORATIS Conscious Dating Ball 🌈🫂🔮

🥳🥁🔮A sober, mindful sexy dating party in a deeper and ritualistic way

💞Align with like minded souls in a safe environment

🫂 Embrace your self-love and deepen your connection with yourself and others in a sensual and playful way

☕️ Exploring a sacred ceremonial cacao ritual


During the dating ball we aim to let go of our judgements, preconceived ideas and superficial ways of dating and instead get to know each other directly from heart to heart. While having a lot of fun, with space to laugh and cry! We will open our circle with a cacao ceremony, a sacred ceremonial ritual which is a great portal opening for the heart and deepening connection with oneself, universe, nature and others.

We will guide you through connecting exercises where all female bodies* will meet all male bodies* in a playful and meaningful way without formal one on one talks but joyfully guided by spiritual principles. You don’t need to have any experience with spirituality or dating, but just to be curious and open to meet new people in a ritualistic and playful way.

This edition will be dedicated to the theme of Polarity, meaning that we will explore the game of attraction between the masculine and the feminine. Learning to play the dance between the two poles, embodying your own part and learning to understand your complementary opposite will enrich your life and interactions and make you feel more free and fulfilled.


In this workshop, we focus on:

🫦Awakening our energy, sensuality and desires

🫂 Developing intimacy, presence and heart connection

👩🏾‍🤝‍👨🏼 Exploring the power of attraction and deep masculine/feminine connection*

❤️‍Practising self love and aligning with others in a conscious playful way

🔮Exploring spiritual rituals to align with your higher self

🪐 How to make dating a spiritual practice as yoga or meditation


🔥Dress to impress your Higher Self 🔥

⏳When: 21.7.2023 from 18.00 pm – 23.30 pm (CET)

📍Where: WAMOS-Zentrum, Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin


We are offering a face and body painting corner for you 🎨. You can be creative and paint yourself or each other.

We will have UV lights at the event. Wear something in white or in other UV colors if you want to get special highlighted during the night 🤩💥



SINGLE Tickets

€ 25 Early Bird ticket SINGLE (first-come-first serve: limited tickets available)

€ 33 – € 44 Regular ticket SINGLE (limited capacity)

€ 20 Karmic ticket SINGLE (Arrive early to help with the setup in exchange for a cheaper ticket. This would suit someone on a lower wage.)



€ 48 Early Bird ticket COUPLE (first-come-first serve: limited tickets available)

€ 63 Regular ticket COUPLE (limited capacity)

€ 40 Karmic ticket COUPLE (Arrive early to help with the setup in exchange for a cheaper ticket. This would suit someone on a lower wage.)

If money is an issue, please reach out to us personally. We want to make this event as accessible as possible to everyone.


Please contact us, if you want to pay in cash.

If you register, please arrive on time, as late entrance will not be permitted.


Refund policy

We offer no refunds, but we help you to resell your ticket. (Please contact us directly!)


Important notes for the event:

Please bring your water bottle so you stay hydrated during the event.

It may get HOT, so we invite you to dress up in layers.

In this space, no alcohol or drugs are allowed.


What participants have said about our previous events:


I learned a lot about myself!” Moonie A.L.

All the guided meditations were beautiful and inspiring!” Moonie U.

I would definitely attend again and can recommend it to you 100%!” Moonie T.

I liked that I met like-minded people and had awesome dates afterwards.” Moonie F.

I found new friends and created strong bondings. Thank you!“ Moonie B.S.

Still reminiscing the last speed dating temple night with warmth.“ Moonie H.

More feedback


Workshop holders:

Aylin and Rana (sisters) from Oratis, avid “Moonies” and spiritual dating geeks are the female founders of ORATIS Spiritual Dating & Community App and experts in the field of Astrology & Spirituality. Both focus on deeper, sensual connections & relationships and guide you to align with your true authentic self & manifest the love you deserve. 💖🫂🔮🏹

The Sacred Ceremonial Cacao rituals are traced back at least 4000 years. It has been used in various settings, rituals, ceremonies and other sacred spaces. Until this day many of the tribes are using cacao as the medicine, seeing it as a great portal to the opening of the heart and deepening connection with oneself, universe, nature and others.

We only use ceremonial grade cacao from trusted sources, which is made in a particular way to retain all the benefits found in it. To make a drink we use this 100% raw ceremonial grade cacao, mix it with barista oat milk plus spices to activate its benefits. If you have any concerns about whether you can consume ceremonial cacao or not, please do not hesitate to reach out and chat with us.

Cacao is also an antioxidant that cleans your body from toxins. Therefore bring a water bottle so you can stay hydrated and support your body in the process. ☕️


👀This event is perfect for you if

  1. you are single or in a relationship and want to deepen your connection in a sober, mindful, sensual and playful way
  2. you want to attract or intensify the love you desire and deserve / your relationship
  3. you have been struggling to get in touch with what you truly desire and want to move towards it with confidence and power
  4. you are keen to discover and learn in an embodied way the basic principles of sex magick
  5. you are interested in the law of astrology and the power of the four elements (fire, air, water, earth)
  6. you want to explore spiritual practices and the power of the moon phases and how to use them to generate abundance in life which excites you
  7. you are interested in yoga, tantra and meditation
  8. you want to increase your Oxytocin level with cuddles & intimacy
  9. you want to learn more about LGBTQIA+ friendly s.x positive events

We invite you with open arms, hearts, and through the power of our wombs to join us.


We are looking forward to connecting with you all on a deeper level!


Magical greetings 💖

Aylin & Rana



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For further questions please contact us over telegram or email: support@oratis.app


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€20,00 Eventbrite


Juli 21, 2023
18:00 – 23:30
Hasenheide 9
Berlin, BE 10967 Deutschland