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Pinky Promise: Underwater Fantasies – Ost Club

März 9 @ 22:00 März 10 @ 6:00

Pinky Promise: Underwater Fantasies – Ost Club


Ukãi Ndame  DJ Nomi Urubu Marinka Philippo Helina Blindsmyth & Karlï  Uff (DE)  Amnati

Calling all Nautical Nymphs, Kinky Krakens & Ocean Temptresses! Pinky Promise invites you to dive deep into the labyrinth of your underwater fantasies where an oceanic playground of sensual delights awaits your wet & sultry presence!

 Swim through 5 aquatic realms, exploring the enchanting marine paradise where you will be able to flirt with exotic creatures, connect with new species and let yourself be carried by the waves of passionate pleasures & soulful intimacy.
 Whether you come alone, with a friend or a lover – our parties are a safe space for personal exploration, experimentation and expression. Inclusivity, respect and consent are the beating heart of our events. Be free to express yourself decadently, dance voluptuously, flirt outrageously and make playful, fulfilling connections. ***WORKSHOP PROGRAMME*** – How to care for a Jealous Partner (Sarah Stroh) – Fluid Sensuality (Seliquere) – Sexy Life Drawing (Kay Hues) ***PERFORMERS*** Lola Rose PrisciliaVanB Buba Subaba Lolita Va Voom Fauxkatya + MORE ***TICKETS & ENTRY*** To make sure everyone can enter our paradise as quickly as possible, we have created a tiered ticket system based on entry time. Tickets will be available at the door from 1am. We do not offer refunds however if the event sells out and you are no longer able to attend, you can list your ticket on the RA Resale platform. —DRESS CODE— You may only enter our underwater paradise if you are in costume. We operate a strict door policy which is NO EFFORT – NO ENTRY. Whether you see yourself as Aquatic Royalty, a seductive siren, a sultry sea witche, underwater fairy or a Deep Sea Deviant, we look forward to seeing all of your coral couture for our celebration: Remember, ‚Underwater Fantasies‘ invites you to embrace your most imaginative self, breaking boundaries and celebrating the intersection of queerness, sensuality, and a future unburdened by limitations. Let your costume be a reflection of the boundless underwater universe within you. Check out our costume moodboard on our website. *** NO PHOTOS ALLOWED *** There will be an in house photographer present on the night who will seek consent before taking any photos or filming you. No other photography will be allowed on the night. Allow yourself to remain present, engaged and playful! —- SAFER SPACES POLICY —- Pinky Promise is a space for everyone to feel welcome. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, unwanted touch, homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, ableist, or ageist behaviour. ALWAYS ask for consent before touching or engaging with someone. State your boundaries. If someone makes you uncomfortable, for ANY reason, you should let them know. Our trained Awareness team will be available all night throughout the venue, looking after the welfare of all attendees to ensure that everyone feels safe and cared for. Feel free to speak to any of our team wearing a bright pink hi vis if you wish to express any concerns or feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any point during the night. We will believe you and we will help. ***ACCESSIBILITY*** The venue has multiple sets of stairs to enter each floor (3 floors in total). There will be some strobe and moving lights along with smoke machines and loud music. Please read our rules & FAQ on our website before coming to our event Find us in our digital realm: Telegram – t.me/pinkypromiseworld Instagram – @pinkypromise.world

5 themed rooms to explore featuring Multiple Dance Floors // Cabaret Shows // Intimate Workshops // Decorative Play Spaces // Interactive Performances // Market Stalls & Much More!

€30.00 https://de.ra.co/events/1846138
Alt-Stralau 1-2
Berlin, Berlin 10245 Deutschland
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