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⬽ ꐠ RISE ꐠ ⤘

Gretchen Obentrautstraße 19-21, Berlin, BE

URBAN ECSTATIC GATHERING OF THE TRIBE⬷⬷⬷⬷⬷⬷⬷⬷⬽⬽ ꐠ RISE ꐠ ⤘⤘⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐⤐We are very excited to invite you to this beautiful urban gathering of the tribe. Join us for a special 12 hours music journey from sacredness, depth and emotion to celebration and ecstasy. Come annd connect to the spirit in the music, to yourself and to… Weiterlesen »⬽ ꐠ RISE ꐠ ⤘